Specializing in rapid-turnaround, leading edge, contemporary music production, DIGITAL SONS have quickly become the in-demand production team for contemporary music for Film, TV, and Artist Placement.

Utilizing a team of industry leading artists and producers, networks like ABC, CBS, MTV, & E!, have quickly recognized the marksmanship, and momentum executed at DIGITAL SONS. Indulge yourself in a sampling below:

Digital Sons - Take The World
Digital Sons - I Am (Trailer Cut)
Digital Sons - You Say Goodbye
Digital Sons - The Phoenix
Digital Sons - I Feel Like
Digital Sons - Torchlight
Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Digital Sons Remix)
Digital Sons - Talk Show Theme
Digital Sons - Suspenseful Trailer Music

Original Electronic Rock : Sucker Punch Trailer


VISA Commercial


Scion Commercial


CSI : Dark Angel


CSI : Blow You Away


CSI : Blue Velvet Skies


Mountainboarding Section


Mountainboarding Intro